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Hearthstone  Locked  Installation not possible afternewest update

05.03.2017 11:55 Uhr
Since the new update was released, i cant play anymore on my tablet.
At first the starting window shows me the typical loading bar with the words We can download in the background. But after a while an Error comes up: There is not enough space on your device to install Hearthstone. Please free up additional space. I can definitely say that i have lots of free space on my tablet. Any solution?
07.03.2017 11:03 Uhr
Hello Archonite!

If you are looking for Technical Assistance in English, please use the Technical Support Forum (English). Threads started in a different language will be closed.

Make sure to have moved Hearthstone to your SD Card if you're receiving this message. A guide can be found here:

Install / Use of a SD-Card (Android Support)

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