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Heroes of the Storm  Locked  Patch 24.0 (Arthas, Tyreal, Johanna)

16.03.2017 18:08 Uhr
I am writing you especially because i can't understand that !HUGE Arthas buffs.
He already has 15 Armor. Now he gets also way more life and life regeneration!
I just don't understand why you DECREASE other heroes' health (like JOHANNA and TYRAEL) while giving them Armor, but in this case there is Armor AND health INCREASEMENT!?
In my opinion, after a few fights (even with greymane), he's tanking way too much now.

Another thing is that you remove talents. Esp. TYRAEL's Lvl.13.
I understand Spellshield-removement at Johanna, hence you want her to be a physical tank. But why TYREAL?

My last point is, that you rework so many Characters COMPLETELY that it's so annoying for me to follow up all your changes. Really. There are too much changes at the moment.
Maybe REWORK TYREAL's TRAIT. Give him something USEFUL. It shouldn't be useful for someone to die to activate his trait.

And remove RAGNAROS' Trait. This Character is the most unbalanced it the whole game. Ask mewnfare.

Write down what you think about this changes. Maybe the developers pay attention to it.

Greetings from Germany.

PS: If this Topic is wrong here, just replace it. Thanks.
17.03.2017 08:30 Uhr
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